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Welcome to Class 4!

We are 26 hard working children and our class teacher is
Mrs. Campbell.  Mrs. Brennan also teaches us on a Thursday morning.

We are supported in class by Mrs. Smith.

Useful class information

PE - Monday indoor (gym/dance)  Tuesday outside (rugby)

Ukelele lesson - Thursday

Homework - every Friday, please return by the following Wednesday

Autumn 1

We are beginning our learning in Classs 4 by thinking about healthy living.  In science we will work through the unit 'burps, bottoms and bile' in order to find out about teeth and digestion.
Linked to this is design and technology, where we will evaluate, design and make healthy food.
In history we are looking at the Tudors and finding out whether they really were that terrible or whether they had a hand in making Britain truly great.

Sentence Surgeons
We began our Year 4 literacy work by becoming super sentence surgeons!  We fixed and improved sentences by operating on them in order to add adverbs, adjectives and a range of time and place adverbials.

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