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What do the governors do and who are they?

School governors play a vital part in the success of this school. They are volunteers who work with the headteacher, the Diocese of Wakefield and the Local Authority to improve standards in the school. Governors try to make sure that all parts of the school community are working together well, to ensure excellance for our children.

Our governing body is made up of a number of different governors:

  • Parent governors;- those with a child at the school and  who are elected by the other parents, Rachel Straughan,  and  Richard Lewis,   are parent governors on our Governing Body
  • Staff governors - those who work at the school as teachers or support staff. Helen Campbell is a staff governor on our Governing Body                                      
  • Local Education Authority (LA) governor - those appointed by the LA from political parties and the community, Neil Croft is a Local Authority Governor on our Governing Body.
  • foundation governors - are governors  appointed by the church. Sue Taylor, Jean Selbie Paula Gray, Gemma Berry and Colette Kitson are foundation governors on our Governing Body
  • Our Head teacher, Paul West, and assistant head teacher Andrew Hancox attend all Governing Body Meetings
  • Amanda Grant, Priest in charge of All Hallows Church, Kirkburton is a member of our Governing Body.








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