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Our committees.... which all report to the full Governing Body

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Special Responsibilities

Special Educational Needs Governor

Mrs G Berry

Governor Training Contact

Mr N Croft

Governor for Looked After Children

Ms T Abbott

Child Protection Governor

Mrs J Selbie

Early Years Governor

Mrs S Taylor

Safeguarding Governor

Mrs J Selbie

Literacy Governor

Mrs P Gray

Numeracy Governor

Mr R Lewis

Staff Governor

Mrs H Campbell

Parent Governor

Mr R Lewis

Health and Safety Governor

Mr N Croft

PSHE Governor

Ms G Berry

Data Governor

Mrs G Marsden

Religious Education Governor

Mrs S Taylor & Mrs J Selbie

Finances, Premises

This committee meets each half term and is concerned with making sure that the financial running of the school is on a firm foundation. The Governors who attend this committee with our HeadTeacher are Gemma Berry, Neil Croft, Richard Lewis.

Performance management

This committee takes strategic responsibility for working with our teachers to look at our children's results. On this committee are Sue Taylor, Neil Croft, Richard Lewis  and Paula Gray

Staffing and Pastoral Committee

This committee is concerned about the welfare of our school community, and meets every half term. Governors on this commmittee are Gemma Berry,Jean Selbie, Mrs Brooke, Sue Taylor, Toni Abbott.

Pupil discipline

This committee meets if an issue of discipline needs consideration.  Richrd Lewis, Toni Abbott, and Rachel Straughan have responsibility for this work.

Admissions Committee

Mrs Brooke,  Neil Croft, Gemma Berry  and Toni Abbott are Governors with responsibility for this aspect of school life.

Dismissal Appeals Committee

Neil Croft, Richard Lewis and Paula Gray have responsibility for this committee's work.

Staff Dismissals

 Paula Gray and Jean Selbie are the Governors who have responsibility for discussing issues relating to this topic.


Governors on this committee are Mrs Brooke, Helen Campbell, Sue Taylor, Paula Gray and Rachel Straughan.

Ground Redevelopment Group

This group are working on improving our school ground to provide a safer, richer and more interesting learning envirnment. The group includes, Gemma berry, Mrs Brooke, Paula Gray and Andrew Hancox.

Class Governors


Mrs S Taylor / Ms T Stephenson

Class 1

Mrs G Berry / Mr N Croft

Class 2

Mrs S Taylor

Class 3

Ms R Straughan

Class 4

Mr R Lewis

Class 5

Mrs P Gray / Mrs J Selbie

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